Dear diary,

Oh thank goodness, we are finally taking a step in the right direction.  This morning I woke up to something that has given me a little bit of hope for myself, my family and really for all Americans.  The American Medical Association (AMA) has passed a new rule to be put into place in all of our hospitals.  They are removing all processed meats and animal based products and replacing them with plant-based alternatives.

After all the grief and angry I have been feeling in these last couple days; along with the worry I have for my father who is currently in the hospital, I have a small amount of happiness in my puffy, cried out eyes.  Even though I’m sure it will take time for these changes to be put into place, it is huge step in the right direction.

We cannot make people healthy again by offering them the same foods that put them in an unhealthy state in the first place!!!  As I mentioned, my father is currently in the hospital with a very grave diagnosis (please refer to my “one MAD Vegan” about me for more details) and one of the things I am so concerned with is what kind of nutrition he will be receiving while he is there?  They have already pissed me off when I found out that they gave a DIABETIC a 16oz GATORADE, that had over 60 grams of sugar in it, to take his barium for his CT scan.  I came unglued and almost jumped through the phone when my mother told me about this.  She actually asked the nurse why they would do such a thing and the nurse’s answer was:  “you know, that’s a really good question”.

It’s time for us to all make a stand.  To ask questions.  To get angry.  To do the research and then stand by our beliefs.  Our voices and most importantly, our money, can speak volumes to these larger corporate entities.  As mentioned in this article, hopefully the AMA’s stand will trickle into our schools and other government-run programs such as welfare.  I mean our schools house our future and our future is looking pretty grim going down the path we are currently on.  Somethings got to give.  Something has to change.

Click here to view the entire article.

~a MAD, american, Vegan




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