Dear Diary,

Richard Neal Dennis was my father.  He passed away at 5:22am, today, Friday July 21st, 2017 after a short but aggressive battle with cancer.

Part of me died today.  A part of my heart will forever hold a spot for my father.  My daddy.

You only lived 27 days after your diagnosis.  Not even a full month.  But you were so brave about it all.  You never let mom or I think you were scared.  You answered all the questions we had and the main thing you were worried about was whether or not mom and I would be ok.

We will be ok daddy.  I promise you that.  We will live on and carry you in our hearts forever.  And I promised you that I would do something great in your honor.

You told me to use my words to tell the world about everything that is wrong with our “healthcare” system and how our government fails us every time they allow big agriculture, dairy and pharmaceutical companies dictate what we should be eating or what is “healthy” for us.  You paid the ultimate price for years and years of lies and false information.

Please give me a sign while I try to figure out what to do in the future.  You always believed in the little guy and I am going to be a small fish swimming in rapid, deep, and uncharted waters.  Guide me with you light and love.  I will always be watching.

Rest in peace daddy.  I love you and I will see you later.  8-7-41 to 7-21-17

~a heartbroken, determined, Vegan


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